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For Grooms

For many grooms getting married across Scotland, they’ll want to be in the very best shape. Those photos are going to last a lifetime so you want to look your absolute best on your big day.

Get into shape for your wedding

Whether you’re already ripped or you’re looking to shed the couch potato pounds there are ways to look great in your swanky suit and make your bride go wild. So where do you start? Well, a few factors come into play. If you’re not a regular gym rat you don’t rush into anything crazy – you don’t want to end up nursing a pulled groin on your honeymoon.

However, you can make a serious difference in just a few weeks or months if you really put your mind to it and follow a simple but structured diet and exercise plan. In just a few months before the wedding you can find that leaner you. And if you are a regular workout king, read on for a few tricks to tighten up your fine self for an even better fit in that tux.

Pre-wedding diet

Plan your meals, guys. This is the hardest part. It’s easy to step out of the office at lunch or after a night at the bar and grab that street meat but it’s killer on your waistline. One ‘dirty dog’ can boast hundreds of calories and more fat than you can burn off in a week while sitting at the office desk or holding the remote.

Cook your meals before you go to work and take them with you in a lunch bag. Or, choose the grilled chicken or tuna/salmon options while out for lunch with staff. Substitute fries with a baked potato or salad: this will save you extra carbs that can’t be burned off in the 5 minute walk from the desk to the copier.